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Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers

Great news for many! Tomorrow, DHS will publish a final rule that will expand eligibility for provisional unlawful presence waivers to all individuals who are statutorily eligible for the unlawful presence waiver and who can establish extreme hardship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) spouse or parent.

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Immigration Raids

The Obama Administration has begun conducting raids to round up and deport vulnerable Central American children and families. These children and adults are at risk of extreme violence and even death if they are forced to return. Worse, the majority of these families have been stripped of their right to a fair hearing on their asylum-related claims.

Raids are the wrong response to the humanitarian crisis in Central America. These families warrant our protection, not persecution. And many of these families are eligible for asylum under U.S. law. As such, this vulnerable group should be given adequate legal counsel and a genuine opportunity to seek humanitarian relief before a judge.

Please call the White House switchboard at 1-866-961-4293 NOW to urge the Obama administration to protect Central American children and families. You may also call the White House Comment Line at 1-888-907-2053.

Sample script:
“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I am a constituent from [TOWN]. I’m calling to urge President Obama to end the raids and deportation of Central American children and families. These families are escaping unimaginable violence and persecution. Instead of rapid deportation, these families should be given legal counsel so that they can pursue asylum in the United States.”

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Visa Bulletin Update

USCIS has determined that for family-sponsored filings, you may use the Dates for Filing Visa Applications chart for January 2016. USCIS has determined that for employment-based filings, the Application Final Action Dates must be used for January 2016.

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Toy Collection

The Law Office of Tanya M. Powers, PLLC is collecting toys for local immigrant children. A collection box can be found in the reception room of our Charlotte office. Anyone interested in participating should feel welcome to drop by with unwrapped toys. Suggested toys include crafts, puzzles, balls, toy cars, and stuffed animals. All donations must be received by Monday, December 14th as the toys will be delivered on December 15th. Thank you in advance for helping to make this holiday season special for these children.

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